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Abou us

Dany (07/1999)

We live in the north od Czech Republic in the flat in an old brick apartement building. My Tibetan Terriers live in the flate with me. Together with common housing he also share hobbies with me. They are a loyal companion, not only for TV watching, head rubbing and for nice walk to nature, but they are well-mannered and decet dogs for trips and visits, too. Well, they are Tibetan Terriers with all their good characteristics.

Danny was first my dog. Living with him for more that five and a half years I can fully confirm the words of others owners and Tibetan Terrier fanciers saying, this race is unique as well as the country of its origin - Tibet. My Danny (home name) is a white dog with black patterns, he has a fine figure nad his hair is thick and of a good quality. I even dare to say that it`s well maintained. His parents ans grand parents were successful at exhibitions, they were very good dogs. If you would like to know more, aou shall take a look on others pages, or you can write to us on our e-mail adress:, and we will be pleased to contakt you.

From February 2001 we have in our kennel little girl from Anette Ohman (Palmer) Dscho Utra U-ti. She is all lamleh and she is so lovely dog as my Danny. U-ti is black girl and her father Am. Ch. Ka Ta Ya's Nekorra of Copenhagen is black and her mother Dscho Utra Rag Gi Thugs Kar is gold and white.

My car!!!!Haf, haf!! My swing!!!!Haf, haf!!
My car! It's great sleep in swing!!!